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Recap of the First Ever NYC Body Painting Day 2014

Review of our Awesome York City Body Painting Day
This past Saturday, over 40 nude models and 30 artists gathered in Columbus Circle for Andy Golub's most epic event yet NYC Body Painting Day!
We were honored to collaborate with Andy and a read more...

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the Nemean lion it maybe originated from a phallus on a grave which by chance became connected with Heracles

(See Greek Hero Cults p.'357) Farnell was probably correct since the so called "Finger of Attis" is interpreted by
"Hand"). The ancients believed the middle finger of either hand had
a phallic connotation. Early Roman authors mention that

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current study, just 17-18-year results data were examined.

Predictor Variables
To discover extent of vulnerability to nudity and primal scenes, parents were asked two
questions in a face to face interview at child's age 3: "Does mother (father) go bare in
front of kid?" and "Does mom (father)

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Nudists Talking About Sex Nudists Really Do Have Sex?

The cats out of the bag now!
Nudists Talking About Sex..It Is accurate! Nudists have sex I Have had sex. I understand, I understand- That's horrible, huh? Well, it gets worse: I liked it.

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Natural Living - Healthy Eating Naturally

Natural Living - It is been 8.5 years since I learned of the independence inherent in naturism and we all know there are many advantages to being a naturist. Since then it's been challenging to keep clothing on me and I find that I feel the most f read more...

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relationship, a nude child can playfully frolic without shame or humiliation.

Both the child and parent are performative subjects by virtue of what it is that
body can do -- be nude or gaze in particular contexts. Similarly, the patient
naked under the medic's gaze non-voluntaristically performs entry to that
ga

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How a Canadian Media Undermines Topfreedom Equality For Women

Guest site by: Peter Allison ([e-mail protected])
As Canadians are well aware, the federal election race is really heating up. Expressions like "Prime Minister," "minority win" and "Liberal Party" are words not often spoken or totally understo read more...